Keeping Happy and Hopeful During Hard Times – FU Loves Leicestershire #18

If the events of the last few weeks were a Hollywood movie, the reviewers would pan it for being too far-fetched. ‘Too many holes in the plot’; ‘They wouldn’t do that’; ‘That would never happen because all they need to do is…’  You couldn’t make it up because no one would believe you.  Yet here we are, with Leicester on the big screens and its reputation being torn apart by a baying media rejoicing in the prospect of click-bait style angles to fill the airwaves with. Keep reading more in our Keeping Happy and Hopeful During Hard Times Newsletter!

The parties, the pictures of politicians up ladders and the gurning, gesticulating reprobates that clamber behind the news reporters on the Live news updates have shown the world a city I don’t recognise.  Leicester is warm, welcoming, creative, comedic, cultural, multicultural, kind-hearted, proud, supportive and strong. That’s my Leicester.

What this kind of reporting does is divide and finger point.  In such a volatile time, this is the last thing we need.  It is, however, an effective diversion technique to disguise the real issues.  Already the BLM protests and a block party have been blamed for a spike that has much more to do with poverty and over population.  Whilst we aren’t supporting people partying on the streets, isn’t it more of a problem that factories have remained open with ill workers marching through their doors as, for many of them, there is no chance of the minimum wage let alone sick pay. Health messages have remained untranslated and a hearsay and miscommunication throughout communities have all played their part until it has become all too late.

We’re feverishly encouraged to shift the blame to people playing cricket in a park, protesting their rights or to a small number of people who partied in a street one Sunday.  Never mind the crowds of people on our beaches; the YouTube influencer causing crowds of kids to assemble in Birmingham city centre and then whoop and cheer at the chaos – and potential loss of lives – he has caused.  So, we shift focus onto a community and sector of society that doesn’t even have a voice to answer back with and (quietly) blame them.

Leicester is the first city. It will not be the last. It is now being reported that the lockdown of 36 other areas of the country is just a matter of days away. Quite how we manage ourselves out of this situation is down to us, in the absence of strong guidance.  We must monitor our own decisions and movements and respect the rules, or else two weeks will only be the start of the new, new normal.  It couldn’t happen.  It just did.  Now, we must deal with it.

Keep Safe!

Jon, Kevin and the #FUFighters

PS. Leicester City Council’s Postcode Checker for Lockdown is now available, check your location here.


What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday?

Aye Matey.



Business owners – would you like to get expert help to plan the next few months and where it will take your company?  Seems sensible to us in these kerr-azy re-lockdown times.

DMU’s Leicester Castle Business School is offering 30 hours of free mentoring and coaching for business leaders in Leicester to support them as they try to move forward from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea came from Associate Professor Enterprise Andrew Nicholson, himself an experienced business mentor and consultant, who firmly believes in the power of coaching to develop and grow companies.

Read the full article and apply for your free mentoring here.


If there’s one thing Becky Hill has proved since she stormed onto the UK music scene is that she knows what it take to create a total choon – she’s been responsible for some of the biggest dance hits of the last five years.  Hot on the heels of releasing new single ‘Heaven On My Mind’, she’s launched new podcast, The Art of Rave.

Available fortnightly from Monday 6th July, the brand-new series, hosted by Becky herself, will see her discuss rave culture with some of its legendary icons including DJ Zinc, Pete Tong, Andy C, Roni Size, Sister Bliss, Fabio & Grooverider, Groove Armada and more.

Each of Becky’s guests bring with them three pioneering records whilst Becky will nominate one of their own tracks for her Desert Island Dance Party.  You can subscribe to the podcast now on iTunes or Google play.

Read when Sixty9° Magazine caught up with Becky here. 


Celebrate this year’s World Chocolate Day on the 7th July with one of these delicious-sounding chocolate-based cocktails, dreamt up by Aldi.  Check out the indulgent Freakshake and Cioccolato al Caffè, for a more sophisticated post dinner sipper!


50ml Sea Dog Premium Spiced Rum
150ml Cowbelle Chocolate Fudge Milk
500ml water
60g sugar
60g The Pantry Cocoa Powder
Moser Roth Luxury Dark Chocolate
Memento Triple Chocolate Cookies

In a small sauce pan, boil 250ml of water then remove from heat and add The Pantry Cocoa Powder and sugar.

Stir to dissolve and then add the remaining 250ml cup of water.

Once cool cooled, add the Old Hopking Spiced Rum to the mixture and leave to infuse.

Once successfully infused for ten minutes, shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.

Pour into your preferred glass and top with whipped cream, grated Moser Roth Luxury Dark Chocolate and Moment’s Triple Chocolate Cookies.


50ml Glen Marnoch Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
3 tsps. Specially Selected
120ml water


Mix Specially Selected Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee with hot water and once cooled, pour into ice trays and freeze.

Once fully frozen, place a handful of coffee ice cubes into a glass of your choice.

Then pour in the Glen Marnoch Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Chocolate Fudge Milk to make for a deliciously creamy and fresh chocolate delight.


Some of Leicestershire’s best-known businesses are speaking at webinars run by the Business Gateway Growth Hub, to share their experiences of adapting to and implementing the Coronavirus (Covid-19) measures in the workplace.  Here’s your chance to learn from the best in the business.

Recently, smaller businesses have gained insights and valuable guidance from market leaders including Samworth Brothers; Dunelm; PPL PRS; Twycross Zoo and Race Rapid at Mallory Park. The series started with a focus on manufacturing and has continued with the tourism, sport and leisure sectors.

Further webinars are planned for these sectors including a retail sector webinar on new ‘We’re Good to Go’ industry standards for retailers on the 9 July, although with the current extension to lockdown in Leicester visit the Business Gateway Growth Hub website at for updates and to access  a dedicated Covid-19 business toolkit.



With lockdown extended for many of us and summer holiday plans postponed, why not pop on your shorts and sunglasses, and sit down in front of a good movie for a dose of international escapism? One of our favourite holiday destinations is Greece: spectacular scenery, amazing beaches, wonderful weather, friendly people and steeped in history – Greece and the Greek islands have so much that’s so good.

So, for now, until we can set foot on the islands again, put your feet up instead and be transported to a Greek island paradise from the comfort of your own home. Here are our recommendations…

Skopelos This enchanting island with its picture-postcard scenery is an artist’s paradise. Being twice the size of its neighbour, Skiathos, Skopelos with its flower filled courtyards, cobbled streets, golden beaches, and hillsides blanketed by greenery offers natural beauty at its best. Over one hundred tiny chapels are dotted around the town including Agios Ioannis Kastri, made famous by one of the 21st century’s most successful musical movies, Mamma Mia.


Instantly recognisable for its superb sandy beaches, immaculately whitewashed cube houses, churches topped with striking blue domes and 16th-century windmills – it’s also one of our favourite places on earth.  Elegant boutiques, high-quality shopping and flamboyant nightlife have made it a thrilling destination, and a favourite for those who like their getaways to have a bit of VIP style. It is of course also the backdrop to the 1989 classic romantic comedy, Shirley Valentine, and action thriller The Bourne Identity.


Experience the best of both worlds on Kefalonia, with sublime beaches, endless natural beauty, and opportunities for infinite adventures on land and sea. Bursting with untouched scenic beauty, it is a gorgeous mix of old and new. A tranquil place for total relaxation, the island also offers a multitude of activities and adventures for couples and families alike. Made famous as the setting for the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, you can expect to explore underground lakes, pebbled beaches, gorgeous bays with white sands and crystal-clear waters.  Sublime.

Why not plan your Greek adventure for summer 2021 at


In times of global pandemic and a killer virus that’s changed the world forever, our lives and livelihoods have never felt more under threat. The past few months have taught us one lesson: fight or be forgotten.

Out of the chaos comes a new world order. A group of women and men who offer insight, wisdom, strength, and agility to stand by your side and fight for your best future.


We are proud, at FU Media, to announce our new FUFighters ‘Superhero PR’ packs to you.  Each pack is punchy, powerful, and puff-free.  This is Superhero PR designed to drive your business, support your decisions, and reinvent your future.

Nearly half the population of the UK read a piece of PR crafted by FU Media in May.  That’s nearly 30 million people.  We could’ve been telling your story. As Enrique said, ‘We can be your hero, baby.’

Forget the BatPhone, click HERE for more information.



Last week’s heatwave saw some of the nation’s pets raise their holiday games and get shady for summer. Tic Watches, the watch and sunglasses specialist, has scoured the nation for the most brilliant and hilarious photos of our furry friends wearing shades, including Toto the French Bulldog from Leicester and Cara, one cool cat from Birmingham!



Although we’re in the midst of the new lockdown, things will get better so use this time to get your workplaces tip-top and pandemic-proof.

One of the key workplaces in need of post-Covid reinvention is the office. Read how to bring your employees’ wellness to the forefront, make shared bathrooms safe and how to sort out the problem of the office fridge here.


The UK’s leading online florist,, has identified 16 plants that possess qualities that can actually improve our wellbeing, health and happiness – and we all could do with a bit of that right now.  From reducing anxiety, relieving upset stomachs, and helping you to sleep, here are the plants you need to be filling your home with:

Reduce anxiety: Snake Plant, Lavender
Help you sleep: Aloe Vera, Jasmine
Increase productivity: Bamboo Palm, Golden Pothos
Clean the air: Rubber Plant, Peace lily
Restore fading hair colour: Sage, Black Tea
Relieve an upset stomach: Catnip, Korean Mint
Fight infection: Red clover, Navajo Tea
Repel critters: Mint; Basil


Appall your children with a vision of what gaming used to be and relive your childhood with this full-sized version of the 1980’s home computer, THEVIC20, from Retro Games Ltd. The original VIC-20 went on to become the first computer to sell one million units, and even now still holds a special place in the hearts of its former owners.

The full sized, THEVIC20, has a full working keyboard. It comes with an updated micro switched classic joystick, which plugs into one of the four USB ports.  Plus, it connects to any modern TV via HDMI. It comes with 64 pre-installed games, including Arcadia and Laser Zone (VIC-20) and California Games, Paradroid and Boulder Dash (C64).  It also boasts new additions like Metagalactic Llamas, Subspace Striker, Mega Vault and Gridrunner (VIC-20), as well as the recently released shoot ‘em up Galencia (C64), and classic text adventure, Planet of Death (C64), to let you relive the glory days of true keyboard gaming!

Watch the glorious 80s trailer above.


Twycross Zoo is threatening that they could be forced into a mass animal cull if funding streams are not opened to help them survive the Corona crisis.

The zoo, which had closure enforced upon them at the end of May reportedly costs over £500k per month to operate and provide 24/7 care to their 125 species of animals.  In the absence of governmental funding support and zero visitor revenue, the zoo faces a matter of life and death – quite literally for some of the endangered animals.

Twycross Zoo CEO, Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE, said: “As a group of large charity zoos, we were extremely disappointed to learn that this fund effectively excludes us.” Dr Redrobe had previously warned the government of a UK animal welfare crisis if sufficient funding was not made readily available to its large conservation zoos.

“As a charity, the zoo held some money in reserves, but much of their income was reinvested each year to support conservation projects, both at the zoo and abroad, aimed at protecting many of the world’s most endangered species. Reserves have now all but been used and the zoo finds itself entering a period of massive uncertainty”.
Help preserve Twycross and pay them and their ‘residents’ a visit.

Find out more at


Qualified massage therapist and trainer Kathryn Ellis has launched a unique online partner massage training course for beginners, to help people de-stress during the UK’s extended lockdown.

Her aim is to help men and women of all ages get the most out of giving or receiving a massage at home.

In her video, Kathryn gives people handy hints (terrible pun) and tips on how to give an effective massage without causing pain or injury to yourself, whilst giving maximum benefit to your partner.
From kneeling with a pillow to alleviate knee problems, to correct positioning and technique to ensure maximum comfort for you both throughout, the video is filled with advice and information for best practice.

The online course lasts less than three hours. It consists of an introduction from Kathryn followed by a 50-minute massage broken down into 10 segments, each lasting between five minutes and 17 minutes. The second half of the course runs the entire tutorial, so students can practise alongside Kathryn and comes with a series of downloadable PDFs giving people more advice and information as they make their way through the course.

To find out more details, or to book on to the course, click here. 


As more TV shows move to new streaming services, Netflix is creating more original content to keep subscribers watching.

But how much of this original content is worth your time? We’ve all been sold in before with a great first season, only to feel cheated when what follows falls short.

So to find out which Netflix original shows are worth your time, the team over at Onlinecasinos as part of their report into Netflix, used Rotten Tomatoes critical scores to find which Netflix Originals had the biggest improvement, remained the most consistent, and had the biggest drop off in quality from first to latest season.

Shows Worth Your Time – Biggest Improvements in Quality

Unsure at the start? Stick with them, these shows all get better!

Shows Worth Your Time – Most Consistent 

If you liked these from the start, stick with them, they stay strong!

Shows Not Worth Your Time – Biggest Drops in Quality

Don’t waste your time watching these shows, it’s not worth it in the end!

All data from OnlineCasinos.


Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

– Lyndon B. Johnson

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