The Best, Best Man: Planning the Ultimate Stag Do

The Best, Best Man: Planning the Ultimate Stag Do

The confetti, the cake-cutting, the seemingly endless smiles and laughter. Ah, weddings. No wonder so many married people describe their wedding day as being one of the happiest of their lives – and increasingly, this applies to everyone, regardless of age.

In fact, over the past four decades, the number of people getting married over 50 has seen a high increase, which shows that plenty of us are tying the knot at an array of life stages. Whatever age you are, the stag do continues to be a significant part of the celebrations.

So, if you have been graced with the honourable duty of best man, you’re in luck. Here’s how to achieve this, in a way that’s tailored to them.

The Power of Planning

Organising essential costs, booking tickets to any events, and sorting out travel is imperative. So, engaging fellow stags far in advance can save huge amounts of stress and disappointment. Make a list of every person you would like to invite, check that everybody can make that date at least six months in advance, and you can arrange the fundamental aspects that require attention before embarking on the first step of designing the best stag do possible.

Bespoke is Best

Remember why it is that you have been chosen to lead the stag do, to write and deliver the speech, and to protect the rings: because your friend trusts you to do it over anyone else. Therefore, creating a stag that is meaningful, as well as fun, can help you to illustrate how much this honour means to you.

Choosing destinations based on areas that holds personal value for the groom and putting on the group’s favourite activities can help to create an unforgettable experience.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s worth creating an itinerary that prioritises enjoyment over filling up the schedule. Budget for the key activities, meals and any other expenditures involved, but it’s also worth having extra funds for anything that catches the attention of the groom– after all, the stag is the primary focus of the do.

Another reason for extra funding is just in case something doesn’t go to plan. While you want the quad biking day to go smoothly, you may be faced with a broken-down hire car on the way back to your accommodation. Having some contingency money in case of emergency is a practical part of the stag planning process.

Planning a night or weekend that prepares your closest friend for one of the biggest commitments in life, and ensuring its successful completion from start to end, may involve a lot of legwork. However, it’s worth it for creating memories that last a lifetime – and potentially make for interesting speeches in the wedding day.

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