Ageless Beauty

Pestle & Mortar pure hyaluronic serum, £36

Silver-locked models are asserting their presence on the catwalk; makeup artists are enhancing rather than masking mature complexions; and more and more people understand that looking good as you get older doesn’t mean you have to look younger. Because beautiful skin is key to looking fabulous whatever your age, we asked the beauty team at HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM to share their must-haves for women in their 40s and 50s.


If you’ve not included a serum in your daily skincare routine then now’s the time to start. Most contain effective anti-ageing ingredients that aren’t necessarily found in cleansers or moisturisers; retinol, for example, helps to promote cell turnover, prevent the breakdown of collagen and leave you skin feeling smoother and supple. Team with a hydrating toner and anti-aging products that packed with retinoids, vitamin C or alphahydroxy acids to help soften fine lines.


It’s essential to keep up a good, anti-ageing daily regime with the addition of a heavier moisturiser that will add hydration to drying skin. Look for products containing hyaluronic acid and glycerine as these help skin hold moisture in without making you look greasy. Get into the habit of twice-weekly exfoliation to keep dead skin cells at bay, while enzyme peels gently exfoliate without stripping or scratching.



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