Winter Skin: Guy Grooming

Male grooming is stepping up a gear and we’re giving you the lowdown on what you ought to be stocking your bathroom cupboards with.

Make up For Men

Gone are the days of pinching your girlfriend’s concealer to cover the blemish that just won’t go away, or even grabbing your mum’s moisturiser. We’re onto the next level of male grooming – makeup specifically designed for men. Back in April, singer-songwriter John Mayer posted a makeup tutorial on Instagram, since then the industry for man-friendly makeup has skyrocketed – we have surpassed the age of sneaking around – we embrace it. Since then, Chanel has launched a dedicated eyebrow pencil, tinted foundation and lip balm for blokes, along with brands like Clinique and Tom Ford bringing out their own ranges as well.

Hyaluronic Acid

It’s the ingredient that is constantly cropping up in women’s skincare products, although it has taken quite a while for it to transition over into men’s skincare. The benefits of hyaluronic acid are a necessity in a man’s skincare routine. Manual’s Mr Moisturiser is jam packed with nhydration through hyaluronic acid and allantoin – this helps smooth, protect and regenerate the skin. Mr Moisturiser is sulphate, paraben and alcohol free – which are all of the things can could cause you to breakout and enlarge pores.

90s Hair Vibes

Get the bowls and clippers back out because 90’s hair styles are back in the game. It’s time to release your inner 90’s Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. The Bluebeards Revenge Sea Salt Spray is the perfect product to help contain longer locks. The spray has been specially designed with sea salt minerals to give men a natural look that boasts all of the volume, texture and wave seen in the hair of coastline junkies, without the sticky feeling. Featuring a classic, masculine fragrance, it offers bland hair a crisp hold that can be reworked throughout the day. Barber, Vincent Quinn from Hard Grind barbers has spoken about the influx of requests for 90’s hairstyles: “Hairstyles like the bowl cut, the wedge cut and classic curtains are very much in trend for youngsters at the moment; especially when paired with loosely turned-up jeans and a FILA jacket.” He goes on to say, “Barbers are better and more technically trained now too, so these cuts are being treated professionally and adapted to avoid the ‘cut at home in the dark’ vibe.”

Become Your Own Dermatologist

Why not treat your skin to a high-tech LED laser facial or eye mask? After recent studies suggesting that starring at your phone screens can cause premature ageing – the effects can be maintainable through blue LED light therapy. With these little tools, you can treat congested skin from the privacy of your own bathroom as often as you need, without ever having to make an appointment again.

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