10 Cocktails You Must Try At This Saturday’s Birmingham Rum Festival

Rum lovers – head into Birmingham this weekend (24-25 June) for the Birmingham Rum Festival!

Now in its sixth year, enjoy the popular spirit in all its expressions with Barcadi Caribbean Spiced announced as the headline sponsor. Birmingham Rum Festival showcases the true taste of rum, with a range of exciting brands at The Cuban Embassy in Moseley.

The Cuban Embassy bar in Moseley Village is a rum lover’s paradise, stocking over 100 rums including heritage brands such as Appleton Estate and Havana Club.

This year’s event will give rum enthusiasts some new blends to try, like Cihuatan rum and welcoming back some local favourites such as Midlands-based Burning Barn and Wildjac. There will also be a specially curated cocktail menu showcasing all the exhibiting brands’ best cocktail concoctions. 

Are you heading to Birmingham’s Rum Festival, here are 10 cocktails you must try at the event:

Bacardí’s Caribbean Colada – This spiced variation builds on the finesse required to make the perfect Pina Colada, with the addition of a little more complexity of Caribbean flavour. Creating the ultimate escapist drink, the Caribbean Colada transports you to balmy beaches and warm seas.  

Diablesse’s Clementine Sour – A smooth and classy Clementine Spiced Rum made with Demerara rum from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana, is blended with lemon water and honey creating a sweet and zingy kick. Featuring a warm spice mix inspired by the Caribbean, Diablesse’s Rum Cocktail is sure to impress.

​​Aztec Gold Caipirinha  –  Delve into Aztec’s mouth-watering charred sugarcane Gold Rum. With a fresh kicking taste of lime balanced by a delicate taste of brown sugar, Aztec’s golden rum certainly shines as the new kid on the block. 

Shimla Storm – Shimla Rum is a brand new rum to the festival. A premium blend of aged Caribbean rum packed with the freshness of orange and cardamom enhanced by traditional Indian-grown botanicals, is shaken with the pungent taste of ginger beer and the citrus tang of lime. 

Cichutan’s Jade Mojito – Cihuatán Jade, a premium white rum is combined with the sweet notes of white sugar paired with the tangy flavours of refreshing lime. You can enjoy a great cooling taste with Cichután’s Jade Mojito this summer. 

Burning Barn’s Honey Rum Paloma – This year you can enjoy a Honey Rum Paloma made with Burning Barn’s golden sweet Honey and Rum Liqueur, fresh pink grapefruit juice blended with the zesty flavours of lime juice. Zingy and refreshing – a delicious drink to sip on in the sun. 

Cargo Cult’s Daiquiri Mama – A tasty summery daiquiri with warming spices and banana notes (of course) infused with North Queensland bananas and freshly squeezed lime juice, creating the perfect balance of sweet and savoury – a fantastic cooler for summer. 

Atlas A Cure For The Strange Dejection Of The Spirits – Indulge in Atlas’s rich and soothing rum cocktail at this year’s festival. Exhibiting Atlas’s sharp scotch coffee rum, merged with the sugary hints of sugar cane syrup and the sweet-tart taste of orange bitters – a delicious, crisp and vibrant coffee-infused cocktail. 

Don Papa Darker Don – A minty and refreshing serve for this June, Don Papa Rum with a kick of fresh ginger beer mixed with citrus flavours of lime juice. The perfect refresher to have served on the rocks. 

Wildjac’s Cherrywood Rum Old Fashioned – A smooth and delicate rum hit with a succulent and sticky cherry fruit, Cherrywood Rum Old Fashioned is infused with a vanilla aroma with warm spices and a rich demerara sugar syrup, rounded with a tangy dash of elemakule tiki bitters for a fruity and succulent finish. 

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE FROM £20 AT www.birmignhamrumfestival.com

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