An all-new LGBTQ+ event for Nottingham, Shablam on Sundays!, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finalist and fan favourite, Michael Marouli will take place next Sunday 12th May
An all-new LGBTQ+ event for Nottingham, Shablam on Sundays!, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finalist and fan favourite, Michael Marouli will take place next Sunday 12th May

An all-new LGBTQ+ event for Nottingham, Shablam on Sundays!, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finalist and fan favourite, Michael Marouli will take place next Sunday 12th May at Nottingham’s Binks Yard and will bring together International superstars of RuPaul’s Drag Race with the biggest and best regional drag stars to make your Sunday afternoons sickening.

“I’ve literally had to run to get here in time, it’s just been nonstop, absolutely wild, but in the very best way!” We’re talking to Michael, as he prepares with his fellow Geordie Drag Race finalists, Ginger Johnson and Tamara Thomas, to take their new show, Angels of the North, around the UK and across the globe before returning to headline an all-new Drag Extravaganza, Shablam! On Sundays at Binks Yard in Nottingham on the 12th May. 

Michael Marouli quickly established themselves as a fan favourite in the hugely successful RuPaul’s Drag Race UK shown on BBC3 earlier this year. Renowned for their killer looks and quick wit, Michael made it to the finals before losing the crown to fellow Geordie girl, Ginger Johnson.

“I mean, how dare she steal the crown from me! I’ll get my revenge, don’t you worry, although murder on the dancefloor might be taking it a bit far…I’m kidding of course; it’s all love, we’re having an absolute ball putting the show together. The whole show is a big celebration of the fact Ginger, Tamara and I are all from the North East and we all get on fabulously. I can’t wait to share it with the fans, you’re just gonna die when you see it. “

The North East sense of humour certainly made a big impression on the last season of RPDR UK, with the Geordie girls repeatedly swiping RuPeter badges out of the grasp of their fellow contestants. But what is it about the North East sense of humour that’s so funny?

“I think it’s because we’re all working class and we’re all just so down to earth. We find the humour in everything; do you know what I mean?  Growing up in these small, working-class towns, it just wasn’t acceptable to be different, let alone be out, to be loud and proud, so I guess we just find the humour in that. You get to a point where you just have to own it and say ‘BOOM! we’re here!’

“We’re all just daft, we all have such stupid senses of humour and find everyday things really hilarious. I think that’s the magic of being a Geordie. I love it.”

So, what was it that first got Michael into drag?  “I’ve just always been so interested in fashion, music, performance, feminine energy, that kind of stuff. And then, when I first started in show business, I was doing male presenting cabaret and did a lot of work with drag queens and the more it evolved, the more I just fell in love with it.

Drag just gives you that freedom; there are no rules to it, which is what I love. I get to live out every childhood fantasy that I have. I get to be a pop star; I get to be a Hollywood actress; I get to be all these video game characters and these amazing things that you dream of when you’re little. And that’s just drag; it’s just freedom and there are no rules.”

And when the makeup and the hair go on, does a different Michael appear? “No, what you see is what you get: it’s just me. That’s why I never had a drag name, as I’m the same out of drag as I am in it. I guess it just heightens everything about me and gives me an excuse to get away with saying a lot more! Drag is like my superhero costume, I suppose.  It’s my armour!”

Michael hardened his armour and honed his craft in the clubs of Gran Canaria’s Yumbo Centre with audiences made up of families, grannies, gays and anyone else that wanted to join the fun; a precursor to today’s drag audiences and how the medium has evolved into the mainstream.

“When I first started Drag was seen as something tacky, something throw away, but now I think the art of Drag is really appreciated. The world has fallen head over heels in love with it and takes it a lot more seriously. It’s incredible to see the evolution of it.

I love all forms of Drag and I support it all, whether that’s going and watching the girls doing a choreographed lip sync and they all look like pop stars; watching someone stood at a microphone for 45 minutes telling dad jokes, singing songs; or stood there hitting themselves in the face with an iron in time to some weird piece of music. I just love it. It’s all expression, it’s all art. And that’s the beauty of drag, how different it can be.”

And something different is exactly what Shablam! On Sundays is aiming to be. Taking place at Binks Yard, home to last summer’s Groovebox Nottingham Pride Festival, Shablam! on Sundays will bring together International superstars of RuPaul’s Drag Race with the biggest and best regional drag stars to make Sunday afternoons sickening. Okrrrr.

The inaugural event will take place on Sunday 12th May and will see Michael Marouli headline in their first appearance, not only in Nottingham, but in the East Midlands, as a whole. “Honestly, it’s my first time and I’m so excited, especially as I’ll be working with some of the best local drag talent as well. That’s one of the things that I love about going to new cities: meeting and working with the local girls; I always have a ball.”

Performing at Shablam! On Sunday with Michael Marouli will be Marilyn Sane, Nana Arthole, Vayne, Kenya Knott and Liv Presents who promise an afternoon of lip-synching mayhem, amazing live vocals, proper laughs, killer choreography and there’s a post-show disco courtesy of Groovebox and Sanctuary resident DJ Cookii Shakes.

“Every time I go somewhere new, I always like to get there early to say hello to all the queens; it’s one my favourite parts of doing a show. I’ll be on a mission, in the dressing room pouring the shots. To be fair, when you’re in the dressing room all together, you do tend to bond instantly. We all know we’re there to do a fantastic show and we’re gonna give it our all. It’s very supportive, like a sisterhood. It’s just fab.”

So now he’s a huge international star, does Michael have an extensive list of dressing room demands?

“Red M&Ms all the way baby… Listen, I’m as rough as the roads, I’m used to getting changed on top of beer barrels, I’ve been around a lot longer than Drag Race and there’s no changing me. That’s the good thing about Geordies, if there’s even the slightest inkling of diva behaviour, then you’ll get a slap around the chops and told to get a grip!

The biggest thing I learned from doing Drag Race was to live in the moment and to not take life too seriously: relax and breathe, go with it and enjoy!”

Enjoyment is what it is all about! What can audiences expect from a Michael Marouli Live show?

“Everything! It’s always very high energy. There’ll be comedy, there’ll be camp, there’ll be some live stuff and dancing and some filth thrown in too! I have the best time because I like to get the audience involved. I just want to make sure everyone has a really good time, that’s the whole point of it. I think the energy of the room is so important, whether it’s a room with 40 people in or an arena with 3000, I like to give that energy. Arms in the air, everyone’s singing along, letting their hair down and just having a ball”

With Shablam! On Sunday being a matinee event, does Michael expect a different vibe? “Nah, if they’re still hungover from the night before, we’ll get them back into the party spirit in no time. It’s gonna be amazing. I love doing daytime gigs, especially on a Sunday as everyone is always so much more laid back and ready to have a good time. Everyone’s just gonna be fab. It’s gonna be amazing.”

So, after the Angels of the North tour and Shablam! On Sunday, what’s next for Michael Marouli? Would he consider a RuPaul return?

“I’m not gonna rest until there’s a crown on my head. All Stars or UK vs The World, I don’t mind which, so I’m saying it here and now: ‘mark my words, I will be back.’

And finally, with fellow Geordie girl Tamara Thomas heading to Nottingham for the Groovebox Nottingham Pride Festival, could we tempt Michael back to the city for a night on the town?

“Absolutely. You say the word, name the date and time and I’ll be there – with bells on.”

You can find out details and get tickets for the Angels of the North tour at

Shablam! on Sundays is open to audiences 16+ and fully accessible for wheelchair users to ensure that everyone is included in the fun. Tickets cost from just £20 and are available to buy from


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