BBC WM wants your school to Get Moving!

BBC WM wants schools across the West Midlands to join them on the ‘Get Moving’ campaign …encouraging everyone to move a bit more and live happier and healthier lives!

As part of the campaign, BBC WM Breakfast Show presenters Sam and Daz are encouraging every school in the region to try out The Daily Mile™.

It involves teachers getting their pupils out of the classroom every day to run or jog or walk, at their own pace, for 15 minutes.

It’s free, simple and the schools taking part will get lots of support from BBC WM, Sport Birmingham’s Local Coordinator, Sam Payne and The Daily Mile Foundation.

Teachers say it not only helps childrens’ fitness but also improves concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general well-being.

Presenter Daz Hale comments, “The Daily Mile is a great initiative to get kids active, and also some of their enthusiasm rubs off on the parents too, so its great for the whole family. We want as many schools as possible to get signed up, some of the schools will also get talked about on BBC WM – and you may even get a visit from me!”

Sarah Harness, editor of BBC WM comments, “We’re all doing our bit to encourage Sam and Daz on their Get Moving mission. It’s a wonderful challenge and if we can be part of helping improve children’s concentration levels, behaviour and general well-being then that’s something to be proud of.”

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