Korean Inspired Grounded Kitchen Restaurant Concept Comes to Solihull

Korean Chain Grounded Kitchen Comes to Solihull


Grounded Kitchen, a new casual dining restaurant with Korean and Asian-inspired cuisine, is coming to Touchwood in Solihull on 6 November.

Situated in Touchwood, this 100-seat restaurant is the perfect spot for shoppers to unwind and indulge in a delectable and nourishing lunch or dinner during the festive season and beyond. 

Grounded Kitchen goes beyond just serving punchy flavours; it aims to support a healthier and happier lifestyle by using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Their mantra, “Delicious. Nutritious. Korean+“, truly reflects their dedication to providing a satisfying dining experience.

The ambiance at Grounded Kitchen is relaxed and casual, catering to a variety of occasions, whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a gathering with friends, or a laid-back date night. Their menu offers a wide range of flavours to suit every palate, from their signature Bibimbap to comforting bowls of Udon.

If that’s not enough, why not explore their famous Flavour Tree, with options ranging from the smoky and mild Bul-gogi to the nutty and hot Fire. The bold variety of flavours will keep you coming back; just one question… can you handle the heat? 

In addition to its current fresh and bold dishes, Grounded Kitchen is preparing to tantalise your tastebuds further with new and exclusive dishes crafted specifically for the dine-in menu. Indulge in tempting Togarashi Prawns, delightful Gyozas, and don’t miss out on the exciting Chuncheon Laksa, a deep, umami, and spicy experience that will leave you wanting more.

Grounded Kitchen offers other popular dishes such as filling Ssambaps and Korean Baos, along with a refreshing range of Quencher drinks, perfect for rejuvenating yourself during a shopping spree.

While this will be their fourteenth store opening, it is only the second location to offer an exclusive dine-in menu.

For more information, please visit www.groundedkitchen.com 

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