Sandbox VR Launches In Birmingham’s Bullring

Gameplay group at Sandbox VR
Sandbox VR Launches In Birmingham’s Bullring

Sandbox VR, the world’s #1 most advanced and much-celebrated virtual reality gaming destination is arriving at Birmingham’s Bullring and Grand Central Shopping Centre.

The new Birmingham site, which will be the business’ largest venue globally, will open to the public from 19th July.

Backed by celebrities including Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Will Smith, Sandbox VR provides an immersive full-body virtual reality experience.

Up to six players are collectively immersed as if they were living inside a movie or game, experiencing a full spectrum of adrenaline-fuelled emotions as they enter worlds of swashbuckling pirates, zombie apocalypses, or soar above the clouds in a space elevator.

Harnessing a gear change in technological advances, powered by a new generation of Hollywood motion capture cameras and technology, guests can interact with one another in a game built for competitive socialising. Experiencing touch, vibration, and motion, it’s a social gaming adventure unmatched by any other VR destination.

After playing, all guests are invited to socialise in comfort as they watch their experience highlights whilst enjoying a cocktail made by the UK’s first permanent robotic bartender, created by Italian design company Makr Shakr.

“Toni” the robotic genius can serve up to 80 drinks per hour, performing complex motions such as shaking, stirring, and muddling. It can even dance! Toni delivers a totally unique cocktail and mocktail experience.

For those worried about robots taking over the world, fear not, there will also be a fully functional human bar serving up a variety of refreshments for those needing a drink after slaying zombies or fighting pirates.

The Birmingham venue also has a dedicated area that can be hired for private events, be it corporate parties, or with family and friends.

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