Dining Like A Don! We Review Don Diego Restaurant in Birmingham.

Dinning Like A Don! We Review Don Diego Restaurant in Birmingham.

Don Diego is the family run restaurant of two Spanish brothers, crafting delicious, well presented food in the heart of Edgbaston, Birmingham. A beautiful, independent restaurant one brother cooks, and the other serves.

Boasting a menu of well-balanced, sunny flavours with a focus on basic quality ingredients, and beautifully presented colourful food our resident foodie, Lilith Hunt-Sheppard went along to try the popular restaurant for herself.

There is something I have always loved about small & intimate eateries, Don Diego in Edgbaston only has space to seat 20 people but what they lack in size, they sure make up for once inside. As we went along to dine on a warm Wednesday evening, there were already several tables sat down to dine. A true sign of a fantastic little gem.

Looking at the menu, it was going to be difficult to choose “everything is made fresh here” we were proudly told, so when our drinks arrived we were ready to order our starters of Fried Whitebaits, Paprika Alioli & Warm Goat Cheese, Salad Leaves, Honey Mustard Oil. The warm goat cheese salad was beautiful, rich in flavour and melted in the mouth. My partners whitebait was deliciously crispy and full of flavour, as you would expect from whitebait.

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As our table was cleared and our drinks refreshed, we didn’t have to wait long for our main. I went for the Duroc Suckling Pork Belly with Cider Apple Sauce while my partner went for Lamb Shank, Parsnip Puree & Rioja glaze and shared a portion of chunky Fries. The lamb shank absolutely melted in the mouth and the parsnip puree was a winner. The pork belly was the biggest I had ever seen and was beautifully tender and gorgeous with the cider apple sauce. As we both happily tucked in and chatted with a nearby table, the feeling was unanimous, the food is really tasty.

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Tables cleared again, I wasn’t sure there was any room for any more, after a little rest we ordered desserts. I went for Sweet Port soaked Strawberry’s which were absolutely delicious while my guest went for the Almond Tart. Made with only three ingredients it is slightly heavier than most tarts but tasted amazing.

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Don Diego is definitely a winning formula for us, beautifully intimate, great service and amazing food. Situated across from The White Swan, they have meals offers on Tuesdays and serve their famous Octopus leg (which is one reason we will be returning).

8 Chad Square, Hawthorne Road, Edgbaston. B15 3TQ

0121 448 6460


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