Whether you are a casual wine enthusiast or an expert, you may be asking yourself whether you really need a wine fridge in your home. Dependent on your individual drinking preferences, the size and value of your wine collection and your attention to detail should assist you in making this decision. Wine fridges, by design, provide a controlled environment that perfectly suits the needs of younger and aged wines alike. The proper wine fridge preserves and ages your wine to bring out its true characteristics and full flavour potential.

Why Can I Not Store My Wine In My Refrigerator or Beverage Cooler?

Wine, unlike other beverages, has an optimum storage temperature and storage guidelines. Wine should not be stored below -4°C, so your average kitchen fridge or beverage cooler is not ideal. When wine gets too cold, the cork can dry out, allowing air into the bottle that damages the contents. Temperature swings should also be avoided, such as when your fridge is opened and closed numerous times a day, as this causes the flavours to become dulled. Similarly, wine should not get too hot as this causes it to age more quickly. Vibrations in a standard fridge’s operation disturb the sediment in the wine, giving it a gritty texture, which also speeds up the ageing process. Wine fridges also have purpose-built shelving for optimum storage.

Are There Any Other Reasons?

Humidity and light are also factors when considering how to store your wine collection. The optimal humidity for wine is 70%. If the air is too dry, the cork can dry out – too humid, and the moisture can cause mould. Most wine fridges have glass doors with a UV protective coating to protect the wine from light damage which degrades the wine. Wine fridges can be dual-zone, meaning you have two temperature controls to select temperatures suited for both red and white wines in one unit, with the storage space divided. White wine stores optimally between 7-12°C while red wine is better stored at 15-20°C.

Do I Have Sufficient Space for a Wine Fridge?

If you have decided that you want to obtain and maintain ideal conditions for your wine storage to maximise flavour, body, and notes, you will be considering purchasing a wine fridge. There are overwhelming choices in types, sizes, costs, and features available. You can choose between free-standing or built-in variations. Under-counter options are available in some brands, just remember that any refrigeration unit requires space all around it for optimum functioning. The size you choose depends entirely on the quantity of your collection and the space available in your home. Expert Wine Storage have a range of wine fridges available, some of which are freestanding. They aim to ensure that you can preserve your wine in the quality environment it deserves. They are trusted by their customers as they offer the ultimate online service, guiding a purchase that is unique to you and your style.  You can learn more about wine fridges via their website.

Hopefully, this article has answered your questions as to whether or not you need a wine fridge in your home.

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