Essential Pointers For Anyone Going Vegan In 2024

Use these tips to set yourself up for vegan success in 2024.
Use these tips to set yourself up for vegan success in 2024.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle offers numerous potential health and ethical benefits. As the new year approaches, many consider attempting veganism as a resolution. However, without proper planning, newcomers can easily become deficient in key nutrients or overwhelmed adjusting to unfamiliar routines. Use these tips to set yourself up for vegan success in 2024.

Inform Yourself On Vegan Nutrition Basics

Many assume adopting a plant-based diet inevitably guarantees health gains. However, balanced vegan nutrition requires some intentionality, not just cutting animal products. Without incorporating sufficient protein sources, iron, B12 and Omega-3s into meals, energy levels, immunity and even cognition suffer. When transitioning, track dietary intake in apps for several weeks identifying any consistently neglected areas prompting fatigue or cravings signalling potential deficiencies. For example, chronically low iron intake requires addressing for resilient energy.

Stock Up On Vegan Protein Sources

Beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, peas, and soy foods (tofu, tempeh) all supply protein. Additionally, vegan meat substitutes and protein powders offer concentrated doses to meet higher requirements. When shifting away from meat, deliberately replace former protein levels by combining these alternatives across regular meals and snacks. For satisfying sandwiches, bean and nut spreads offer sustainable energy. Hemp seeds, chia and nut butters make perfect toppings blended into porridge or yoghurts boosting morning protein too.

Oat Milk Is A Great Alternative

There are plenty of nutritious plant-based milk varieties allowing enjoyable cereals and teas without relying on cow’s milk. In particular, oat milk’s smooth, mild flavour that pairs wonderfully with both savoury and sweet dishes makes it a popular choice replicating traditional dairy most closely among vegan alternatives. It works beautifully over morning porridge or as a creamy latte base. If you’re looking for dairy-free milk and you’re an oats person, check out MYOM. It’s a creamy blend of oats that’s delicious, nutritious, and sustainably made, and all you need to do is add water.

Seek Recommendations On Best Vegan Multivitamins

While well-balanced whole food diets ideally supply sufficient essential vitamins and minerals, even veteran vegans consider daily supplementation safeguarding nutritional bases and avoiding potential deficiencies from digestibility factors impacting nutrient bioavailability. Talk to vegan friends or nutritionists guiding suitable broad-spectrum multivitamins, algal oil omega 3s or weekly B12 shots if deficient. Especially important for pregnant or athletic vegans to balance greater demands, including supplements transform reasonable dietary precautions and avoid fixable issues down the line. Most ethical vegans gladly prioritise personal health and energy to power animal advocacy work.

Check Labels For Hidden Animal Derived Ingredients

Many newcomers attempting veganism unaware walk supermarket aisles picking items still containing animal trace ingredients and by-products contravening ethical motivations initially compelling diet changes. Without proper label literacy, confusion arises wondering why chronic health issues persist or weight loss plateaus.

Master identifying commonly sneaky additives like milk derivatives whey or casein added to bread and crackers and egg white albumen or gelatine used thickening salad dressings and soups. Likewise ensure vitamins use vegan-friendly capsules, not gelatine. Even white sugar gets filtered through bone char in some brands.

Checking constantly initially trains vigilance scanning ingredients reads fine print unless seeking organics guaranteeing vegan integrity. Despite forever expanding alternative options consider calling or emailing manufacturers directly with ingredient sourcing questions when uncertain. Your health and animal friends rely on meticulous care.

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