Trending Wellness Hobbies To Start This Summer!

Wanting to work on your wellness through a new hobby this summer, but not wanting to break the bank? Buzz Bingo has got you covered! They have compiled a list of the top trending wellness hobbies to try this season, so you can pick up a new skill and practise self-care without worrying about the price tag, because they are all low or no cost! 

1. Pilates

With videos under the #pilates tag trending and accumulating three billion views worldwide across TikTok, now is the perfect time to pick up this hobby for free! Creators such as @briannajoye_fitness and @camisophiaaaa post step-by-step guides as well as beginner friendly methods so you can hop on the trend, with users claiming the mind-body exercise helped them tone their bodies faster than traditional cardio or weight-lifting methods. ‘Primal movements’ also appeared on Pinterest’s predicted trends for 2023, with a 120% search increase across their site. 

2. Meditation

Another mindful hobby that will also not cost you a penny, meditation has been praised by experts and participants for its range of mental benefits. Not only has the hobby been shown to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and reduce negative emotions, but it can also be done for free in the comfort of your own home using online resources like An expert, Vishen Lakhiani, revealed that meditation can take as little as three minutes daily with the same benefits*, meaning you can fit it into an already busy schedule. 

3. Journaling

Journaling is the perfect hobby for someone looking to take control of their life, or ultimately just get a little more organised. Although this can be started for free using resources you have at home, you can pick up a journal complete with stickers and stencils from Amazon for around £12. Journals have been noted to improve memory, but also encourage users to meet their goals easier, and reduce stress. ‘Writing therapy’ also appeared on Pinterest’s predicted trends for 2023 with a whopping 1840% search increase, meaning you can find a host of inspiration already across their site.

4. Dog Walking

Whilst this is a norm for dog owners, dog lovers who aren’t quite ready for the full commitment just yet can sign up as a sitter on Rover, and can actually get paid to walk other owners’ furry friends! Of course, there is an initial sign up process, but you do not need any specific qualifications, and once you have been approved as a sitter, you can start searching for owners in need in your area. 

5. Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is another low-cost hobby that would be perfect to pick up this summer! There are numerous free flower pressing guides online and even across TikTok, offering the best tips and tricks to master the hobby, with some enthusiasts even pressing them on t-shirts to create unique graphic tees, and videos under the #flowerpressing tag have accumulated 58m views overall! Of course, wild flowers can be picked up to make this hobby completely cost free, but flowers in local florists and your nearest supermarket can be priced as little as £2.50!

6. Running

The weather is on the up across the UK, which makes it the perfect time for those who have wanted to try their hand at running. Large-scale events such as the Great North Run and London Marathon can be daunting, and not an ideal start for beginners, but programmes like ‘Couch to 5k’ alongside tracking apps like Strava act as the perfect stepping stone for those looking to pick up the sport. Although you may fancy splurging on some new running gear, this is another hobby that can be picked up for free! 

Not ready for running just yet? The hashtag #HotGirlWalk appeared in Tik Tok’s 2022 trend report, with a year on year growth of 552%, encouraging users to head out the house and get active without strenuous or complicated exercises, and is the perfect wellness activity to pick up before putting on your running shoes. 

Photo by Elina Fairytale

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