Whatton House of Horror – Witchfinder, Leicestershire

Whatton House of Horror

If you’re still looking for a fantastic event this spooky season in Leicestershire, look no further than Whatton House of Horror.

After the award-winning success of last year’s “Purgatory” event, the Whatton House of Horror is back! Now bigger and better with a double dose of diabolical devilry to dig into. This year they have provided two terrifying trails set in the 17th century to explore the time of the Witchfinder!

The first Trail is entitled ‘Fear The Woods. A 45-minute theatrical horror experience like no other before it. The adventure will chill you as you are immersed in this Wicked Land. The Witchfinder is at the centre. A hate-driven hammer to crush witchcraft in the name of all that’s holy!

Whatton House of Horror has worked with events award-winners Area 51 and the result is incredible. It really uses all of the great space Whatton House has to bring this horrifying story and experience to life.

The second trail has a shorter timeframe of 15 minutes. It is a detour into dark chilling dungeons. You’ll venture into the vaults of the Witchfinder as he plies his evil interrogation on fearful suspects accused of witchery.

We would highly recommend that you book both of the trails and experience the full horror of history’s witch-hunt mania. The event is not advisable for children aged under 12. Those aged under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. We thought it was fantastic and will only get better every year!

After you’ve enjoyed the trails, dig into some warm drinks and food. The food vendors are located in the courtyard area.

Book your tickets today!

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