Just like humans, dogs can react differently to the different foods that they eat. Whether you have just adopted a dog and aren’t sure that their diet is right for them or have recently switched your dog’s food and aren’t sure whether or not it was the best choice, there are several signs to look out for that could mean your dog’s diet may have some room for improvement. If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms in your dog, it might be worth trying them out with different food.

No Energy:

Unless you have an old dog who doesn’t have much energy anyway, your dog should be quite energetic on the right diet. If your dog has gone from bouncing around to sleeping all the time after switching his diet and isn’t as excited about walks as he used to be, it might be due to the different diet. If your dog is suddenly more or less energetic than usual, it might be worth switching back to their old diet to see if there is any change. A visit to the vet is also recommended since a lack of energy could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

Dull Coat:

A healthy dog will have a sleek and shiny coat, so if your dog’s coat is always looking lifeless and dull, even after a bath and professional grooming, it could be down to a lack of nutrients in his diet. If you want to switch your dog to a diet that will help improve the appearance and feel of her coat, raw feeding might be worth considering. Raw food is designed to provide dogs with all the nutrients that they need and does not contain as much carb-heavy filler compared to many commercial dog food brands. Bella and Duke offer raw dog food plans that you can sign up for to ensure that your pooch is getting all the right nutrients from her diet. Along with pre-made raw food for dogs, Bella and Duke also offer tons of advice and guides to help you make the switch successfully.

Soft Poop:

If you have started to dread picking up your dog’s poop after going for a walk because they always made a disgusting mess on the grass, their diet might be at the root cause. A healthy dog’s poop shouldn’t be too soft or too hard and should be easy for you to pick up and dispose of when walking. Switching to a raw food diet can help with any poop problems along with reducing flatulence, bad breath, and other smelly dog issues.

Changes in Behaviour:

You might notice that your dog’s behaviour is different if the diet that they are currently eating isn’t the right fit for them. If your dog’s food no longer fills him up, you might have noticed that he is spending more time begging at mealtimes or trying to steal food off your plate when he didn’t do this before.

Your dog’s diet will have an impact on many different areas of her health and wellbeing, so it’s important to take the time to work out a meal plan that is a good fit for your pet.

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