This Sunday, local artist Libby Martina will hide a series of hand painted pumpkins around her local area, and invites other artists and residents to join her – creating a half-term ‘painted pumpkin hunt’ across the city.

Putting a creative twist on October’s carving and lantern making traditions, Libby Martina created #leicesterpumpkinpals to encourage a positive and playful alternative to some of the more spooky seasonal activities.

Leicester artists and residents are invited to join in with #leicesterpumkinpals by painting and hiding decorated pumpkins in their local area. You can use pumpkins of any shape, size, and colour and place them somewhere a passer-by could spot them: on a park bench, street corner, under a tree, by a zebra crossing, or even in your window!

Artists and residents taking part should use the #leicesterpumpkinpals hashtag somewhere on the pumpkin with instructions for people to share pics on Instagram or social media when they find it. And if they do find one, they can keep it! Participants are encouraged to take appropriate hygiene precautions when hiding or seeking pumpkin pals.

A local resident from Clarendon Park said “This is a great idea. It’s a good activity for children especially as you can’t do ‘traditional trick or treating’ this Halloween. In a year when nothing seems ‘normal’ why not start a new tradition, I can see this sticking!”

Artist Libby Martina, the creator of #leicesterpumpkinpals, said “I was thinking about the tradition of carving faces in pumpkins and how I could make them feel cheerful rather than spooky. I feel like this year in particular we could use a little cheer. Each pumpkin pal really has its own character and I’m excited to be giving little pieces of positive artwork to local people to bring a smile, despite all that’s happening in the world right now. I’m really looking forward to seeing other people’s artwork around the city too.”

Use the hashtag #leicesterpumpkinpals online to keep up to date with this year’s hiding, seeking, and the artists and residents who are taking part.

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