Dr Julia Sen: Empowering Conversations in Women’s Wellbeing

Dr Julia Sen: Empowering Conversations in Women’s Wellbeing

Dr Julia Sen is a Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon. Every month on DLUXE, she shares with us her own observations from her 30 years of medical practice and over 50 years of life experience.

In this month’s post, Dr Julia Sen announces ‘Ask Wise Women’

In recent years, we’ve seen a refreshing recognition of the unique challenges women face in navigating their wellness journeys. But while the menopause may be de rigeur, thanks to celebrity advocates like Davina McCall and Mariella Frostrup, many women still feel their conversations remain hushed or stigmatised.

Chatting with friends, peers and patients over the last couple of years it became increasingly evident that open conversations about women’s wellbeing – from HRT to knowing where to access support about sex and relationships – are vital to live a happy and healthier life.

One of the key lessons I have learned in addressing life’s challenges lies in the establishment of robust female networks; ones that serve as invaluable platforms for knowledge-sharing and collaboration. These networks play a pivotal role in promoting discussions and challenging societal taboos, amplifying our voices and driving positive change.

Now in my 50s, I have enjoyed discovering the spirit of sisterhood and the collective commitment to champion each other. Cheering on the friends who get that promotion and sharing a glass or two of fizz with the gal pal who built up the courage to ask for a raise; these shared experiences and mutual support that build strength in unity.

So while fostering female networks and advocating for women’s health, I recognised the need for a digital space where we can freely seek advice, share experiences and support each other. This led me to launch Ask Wise Women, an online forum that offers a place to connect, empower each other and access reliable information and guidance.

The uniqueness of Ask Wise Women lies in its diverse panel of experts, each bringing their own perspective to the table. Alongside me are Dr Heidi Kerr and Dr Vicky Hobbs, from VHK Women’s Health, offering invaluable insights into medical concerns and treatment options; and Leila Holmes, who focuses on the often-overlooked aspect of physiotherapy, providing guidance on issues such as postpartum recovery and pelvic floor dysfunction. Covering skin issues we have Dr Viktoria Eleftheriadou, renowned Consultant Dermatologist, and Sara Hawkins, who has done a lot of work with pre and post-surgical patients recovering from reconstructive surgery.

We also recognise that women’s health encompasses not only physical but emotional aspects too. We have Mary Lim onboard to share her expertise in relationship counselling; Stylist Lisa Piddington addresses the insecurities many women face when it comes to decorating their home; while Sara Jones, from Zenergy, brings her wealth of knowledge in holistic wellness, emphasising the importance of self-care and mindfulness.

With a commitment to inclusivity and support, our online forum provides a safe space to foster open and honest conversations. We want women to feel like they’re talking to a friend in a judgement-free zone, where they can share their experiences and seek guidance from experts and peers alike.

Love, Julia x

You can join the community at www.askwisewomen.co.uk. Members can ask any questions – the panel is here to offer help and guidance.

New experts will be joining the forum very soon, providing valuable insights and free advice. Stay tuned for updates on network expansion.

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