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Is COVID-19 making your hair fall out? You’re not alone, as the stress of the pandemic is definitely affecting hair loss.

Latest studies show that male-pattern baldness affects half of all men by the time they turn 50 – exacerbated by the stress of lockdown restrictions throughout the pandemic.

Not so long ago, hair loss was something many men dreaded but weren’t able to do much about. Whether it was a receding hairline, general thinning or a devil’s peak, the only way to deal with baldness used to be a razor and go for a Grant Mitchell!

However, Sam Cinkir, whose company Este Medical Group in Birmingham specialises in non-invasive hair transplant – says there are things that you can do that will make hair loss a thing of the past.

Sam says, “The changing lifestyle of people all over the world is a factor of severe hair loss, but there are many things that can be looked at to slow the process.”

Biggest factors include:

  • Sedentary lifestyle – lockdown means less commuting and more sitting at home; getting our body moving and your blood flowing will help stimulate your cells
  • Quit smoking – again, another thing that hinders oxygen cells and blood circulation around the scalp
  • Improper diet – get those minerals and vitamins to help hair growth
  • Stress can result in hair loss – try and find ways to minimise the stress factors that you can control

Top Tips to improve the quality and quantity of your hair

  • Get a proper night’s sleep
  • Keep hydrated – drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day
  • Eat a sufficient amount of protein-rich food to boost vital vitamins and minerals
  • Exercise and relax to manage stress levels

Today more and more men are turning to experts to help them restore their hair to its full glory – and are looking much younger and fresher for it.

Since celebrities like Gordon Ramsey, Wayne Rooney and Joe Swash have freely admitted to having hair transplants, it is no longer taboo.

Este and its revolutionary techniques will ensure that you become a head turner once again.

Este specialises in Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. It’s a method used for hair transplants to give patients with balding or thinning manes a naturally thicker appearance to hair. Unlike more invasive methods such as follicular unit transplantation, or FUT, this method does not require the removal of a donor strip of scalp to extract individual follicles. The FUE technique is performed manually, from extraction to implantation, by a skilled hair transplant surgeon.

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