Going green: emerald-toned updates for your home

The cooler months and longer nights leave us all craving the feel-good bloom of a spring scene. Rolling green fields and blossoming branches are one of the sunny seasons’ many pleasures. But, cloudy autumn days needn’t leave life lacking in healthful greens; just a few emerald-coloured updates will inspire your home with a bright and energising new freshness. And, with green interiors being the style of the season, there are more reasons than ever to embrace all things green ‘n’ glowing! Writes Ellie Loxton.

It’s easy to see why green home updates are popular. Energising and enlivening, green is the colour of new life. It symbolises renewal, revival and positivity, inspiring us with gentle verdant tones. Green is, moreover, the perfect colour for creating a personal oasis; soft and calming, whispering green shades will help to keep the peace at home. And, what’s more, green is endlessly adaptable. From subtle sage tones to the brilliant pop of bottle green, it’s not hard to find the perfect green for your home.

Green can, however, be a tricky colour to bring into a room. A tasteful but not too-green statement is the way forward, and getting clued up on colour spectrums is one way to prevent your living room from looking like a grassy field. If you prefer the comforting glow of warm colours, we recommend choosing ochre and olive tones. Unlike blue-based mint or seafoam greens, olive greens have cosy yellow undertones which help to create a warming feeling perfect for the cooler months. Look out for colours such as chartreuse, kiwi or apple – their yellow bases will help to keep your home snug.

Out and out green can look a little too enthusiastic, so it’s important to consider tasteful pairings. Bright lime works well with white – especially in bathrooms and kitchens – to create a crisp and refreshing zing. Warmer spring green shades, meanwhile, pair perfectly with colours such as lilac, pale pink and rusty orange. Remember that tones change in different lights, so it’s worth considering your colours throughout the day.

Green is, of course, the colour of the great outdoors, and stylish green décor is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in as the weather turns cooler. Fresh, jade-coloured walls and select green accessories compliment rooms that enter out onto garden spaces. Creating an elegant sense of continuity, a well-chosen colour scheme will help to satisfy your need for green during dreary autumn days.

Plants – real or artificial – are perfect if you want the freshness of spring trees but prefer to avoid an all-out garden look. Large-leaf greenery such as cheese plants brighten up shadowy corners, while potted plants create a refreshing, avocado-toned array when displayed together on a shelf or cabinet. Wooden flooring, jute rugs and seagrass accessories will continue the outdoor theme and create a soothingly neutral, organic-inspired atmosphere.

For something a little more adventurous, why not say ‘aloha’ to tropical accessories? Palm prints in bottle green and muted pink will add a stylish touch of desert island drama to your space and work wonderfully with warm wood tones. For more confident tropical vibes, we adore the pelican prints and pineapple accessories that are all the range right now. Either way, carefully selected accessories will wake up tired interiors with a fun tropical twist!

We all know that greens are good for us and, with a bounteous fruit bowl of lime, olive and apple tones to choose from, now you can nourish your home with healthful green hues.

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