Is Print Really Dead In The World Of Fashion Retail?

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With print publications declining in popularity and so many newspapers switching to online media off late, it may seem as if print media is “dead” and doesn’t have a place in the world of marketing anymore. But, is there really some truth to that? What about all the printed brochures most of us have grown to appreciate over all these years? If you were wondering the same, you have come to the right page! In this article, we will explore what value printed brochures (or fashion catalogues) hold for fashion brands today and how to make the best use of them for marketing purposes.

What is a printed fashion catalogue?

Put simply, a printed fashion catalogue is a high-quality printed brochure that shows off the range of items from a brand’s fashion collection. You can use it to individually showcase your products or demonstrate how they can be used together to suit a certain type of fashion sense, growing trend, theme or season. The aim is to share an exciting visual display with the consumers in order to spike their interest in your line of products with the help of a printed brochure.

How can a printed fashion catalogue help my brand?

Some brands are already using digital catalogues for showcasing the various products and collections they’re selling via their retail outlets or online stores. While having such an online resource is certainly useful, there are several reasons why having a printed catalogue will give you an extra edge over your competitors. Here are just some of them:

Get your brand noticed

Brand awareness is key for both fashion startups and growing brands alike. Having printed brochures goes a long way in showing your audience that you are serious about the work you do, and that you stand by the quality of your range of products.

Make your brand appear larger than life

A high-quality printed catalogue can give potential buyers the impression that your brand is a reputed establishment that’s already reasonably successful, even if you’re a small company or just starting out. This solid impression you leave on them can go a long way in making them feel more comfortable in purchasing from you.

One of the best mediums to grab the attention of your prospects

Consumers rarely check the emails they receive at the wrong time. Other times, they would simply scroll through an online ad and barely even notice it. On the other hand, a printed fashion brochure can sit on someone’s desk and they are sure to check it out whenever they’ve got a few minutes to spare.

A better alternative to a business card

You never know when you might come across a potential customer. In such cases, a printed brochure can help you get your foot in the door. You can hand it to a prospect just like you would share your business card, and that should be good enough to pique their interest before they get a chance to check out your collection properly.

More accessible and memorable than online ads

A fashion catalogue is like a collectable item and contains a lot more product-specific information inside it compared to online ads. Not to mention, someone who has your printed brochure can always refer back to it any time, unlike online advertisements that are typically forgotten or ignored very soon.

Can be used as an effective sales tool

When you’re trying to captivate the attention of your potential customers, your fashion catalogue can be a great conversation starter. And as they say, in sales, your first impression is usually the last. By using professional printing services for your printed brochure, you can leave a great first impression on your potential clients.

Provides a rich tactile and visual experience

In the digital age, most of us have forgotten how it feels to touch a piece of high-quality marketing material. Owing to the richness of colour and the tactility of its pages, a printed brochure can be a unique experience for many. Also, it’s usually the first time a customer will engage physically with your brand, so it’s best to make it a memorable experience that they can associate with your brand for a long time to come.

Printed brochures can be one of the best ways to showcase the quality of your products through the use of rich, satisfying visuals, high-quality images, and tactile experiences that online ads simply cannot provide. And there is something very unique and special about the print that fashion consumers have always been fond of.

So, whether you are a fashion designer or a boutique showroom, almost every fashion outlet can benefit from brochure printing. Needless to say, the fashion industry has always had a great relationship with print and it still does. Who is anyone else to disagree?

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