When life as we know it came to a halt a few months back, photographers Saul and Sue at Trent House Studios decided to take the opportunity to capture this moment in time. They reached out to friends and family, made sure social distancing was respected at all times and after a few weeks’, the Lockdown 2020 Doorstep Portraits project was created. “After our beautiful studio had to close, leaving us with very little that we could do, we started to notice that photographers up and down the country were out in their neighbourhoods capturing friends and families on their doorsteps.” says Saul, “After a brief discussion about whether it was the right thing to do, we decided that as long as we followed the guidelines, why not? We are really pleased with how the images have turned out and hope all those involved will look back at them with fond memories of a time in history when life as we know it stopped.”

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