Top 5 Painting Tips and Tricks To Help You Achieve The Best Possible Results.

Our homes have never played such an important role in our everyday lives so creating spaces in which we can enjoy has taken on a much more significant role on our consciousness.

If you are a first time DIYer or a keen enthusiast looking to freshen up your interiors then look no further than Benjamin Moore’s top 5 decorating tips to help you achieve the best possible results.

Preparation is key.

Make sure the surface you are going to paint is clean and dry and res earch the paint you need. New wood will need a primer before you apply the top coat. Surfaces which have already been painted should always be given a light sand and brush dust to achieve a ‘key’ for the new paint to apply to.

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Choose the right tool for the job.

For everyday jobs I usually recommend one of three types of good quality brushes, depending on the task, and a roller. A 1-1/2-inch-wide brush is ideal for most woodwork a 2-1/2-inch-wide brush for cutting in and sash brush for windows. Remember to check the type of bristles and ensure they are compatible with the paint type you are using – there are oil and
water based paints as well as varnishes.


Painting traditional panelled doors can be tricky but if you work methodically in this simple order the job becomes much easier. Start with the panels, edges first. Move onto the central vertical section. Now move onto the horizontal sections top middle and bottom. As you work through this should make it much easier to deal with drips and the areas where the sections meet. Finally finish with the outside vertical sections.

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Skirting boards can become scruffy quickly. The areas where they
meet the plas ter can experience chips and wear so before you start
painting prepare them by cleaning gently and gently raking out any
loose plaster. Use decorators caulk to achieve a smooth, flush line
running it round the whole of the room where the surfaces meet.

Tricks of the trade

If you are using your tray or scuttle to decorate multiple areas which
different paints invest in some tray liners. It reduces the time needed to clean your equipment between jobs. If you need to wait between coats tightly wrap your brushes in an old plastic bag or cling film so they do not

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