Whether you’re looking to update your home to attract potential buyers or just for you and your family, redecorating your home can be an expensive task – but it doesn’t need to be.

Below, experts from regulated property buyers, GoodMove has revealed easy ways to update and transform each room in your home on a budget, as well as revealing how much these transformations are expected to cost. Get your paintbrush at the ready!

Bedroom – paint, panel and update your duvet covers!

For a super low budget option, buying a new duvet cover can really help transform your bedroom – and won’t cost the earth. Adding a few new scatter cushions to your bed too will help update the space and make it feel like new. A lick of paint is also one of the easiest ways to update your bedroom on a budget. Choose a statement shade and paint one wall only to really make the most impact at a low price.

If you’re willing to put a little extra work in, why not try panelling your bedroom? Panelling doesn’t need to be a hugely expensive job – in fact you can do it at home! Cut up pieces of MDF to make your panelling backboard, pencil the wall to see where you want them, attach using tac nails and glue and use caulk to fill in any gaps – then just prime and paint!

Cost (approx.):

  • Duvet covers/cushions: Duvet covers start from £12, cushions from £5, covers from £3
  • Paint: Emulsion paint from £8
  • Panelling: All products needed from £40
Kitchen – create a faux-island, install splashbacks and change up your countertops!

A great way of updating your kitchen in an instant is by installing a new splashboard. You can buy an peel and stick splashback panel, or simply tile the area instead. You don’t need to do this to your whole kitchen either – cut costs by placing in the areas that need it most, such as behind your sink or the oven/hob.  And for something a little extra, why not buy new countertops for your kitchen? If your counters are in decent shape, this is a great way of totally transforming the space at a fraction of the price.

Cost (approx.):

  • Splashboard: Peel and stick splashback from £18
  •  New countertops: Laminate average £500
Bathroom – add new accessories, bring in wallpaper and create new storage!

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to transform your bathroom is by buying new accessories – including towels, a statement bath mat, faux plants, pictures or even a new laundry basket. You can also install a few shelves and decorate them with houseplants, candles and bathroom products to add a stylish and practical element to your bathroom.

To really transform the space in a flash, why not add a focal wall to your bathroom with a patterned wallpaper? Although it may not seem like the obvious choice, you can get wallpaper specifically designed for bathrooms, and it can really help bring a pop of colour and interest to the room.

Cost (approx.):

  • Accessories: £10 average for each
  • Shelving: New shelving unit from £20
  •  Bathroom wallpaper: From £15 a roll


Living Room – update your sofa, buy new curtains and reinstate your fireplace!

An easy and cheap way of updating your living room is by focussing on your sofa. A new sofa is expensive, so why not try upholstering yours, or even adding new cushions or a throw over the top to help make it feel like new? New curtains or blinds in your living room are also a great way of updating the space for a reasonable price. Choose a bold colour or pattern to really make a difference and install them up yourself to really save money.

Cost (approx.):

  • Cushions/blankets: Cushions from £8, throws from £8
  • Curtains/blinds: Curtains from £20, blinds from £12
Garden – upkeep and tidy, start gardening and introduce fairy lights!

Renovating your garden can be a big task, but it doesn’t need to be. A simple clean up, weed, lawn trim and upkeep will really help make your space look all that much better. You can also add new brightly-coloured plant pots to your garden space which will really deliver impact without much effort or money! And of course, sowing seeds will really help transform your garden!

Introducing fairy lights to your garden or patio space will also really help transform the space on a budget. Add solar-powered lights to glass jars and scatter them around your space for a twinkly feel all day long. Adding fairy lights to trees or shrubbery, or adding them to overhead decking or a pergola will also help create a magical feel in your garden.

Cost (approx.):

  • Plant pots: From £5
  • Fairy lights: From £5

Commenting on the research, Nima Ghasri, Director at GoodMove says: “Springtime usually brings around a lot of renovations and updates for homeowners, but we know that people don’t want to be spending the earth to update their space.

“Whether you’re looking to update your home to sell it, or just for you, we hope our easy and cost-effective ways to update each room in your home will be helpful to homeowners across the UK.”

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