Things you can do to make your holiday eco-friendly for 2020 and beyond

Sustainability and living more consciously is a hot topic that is being taken more seriously than ever as we enter 2020. With eco-friendly alternatives being more available than ever, we should all be taking steps to cut out waste and pollution wherever possible at home, but is it as easy when you go on holiday to keep your carbon footprint low? Here are the most effective and efficient ways to cut your waste and travel more ethically going forward.

Book sustainable accommodation

Local living is not only less expensive than stopping in a luxury hotel, but it also supports smaller businesses such as local room renters or holiday letting companies around the UK who host beautiful accommodation, such as cottages in the Cotswolds. By avoiding large corporate companies, it helps feed money into smaller and family-owned businesses, as well as avoiding excessive electricity waste that can come with some hotel gadgets and accommodation, particularly in cities, which is why it can be easier to find hidden gems away from typical UK tourist traps.

Replace your plastic

Sustainability is the key word to consider when you’re packing for your holiday, with replacement packaging for products and toiletries such as tins and cotton bags being used instead of one-use plastic. Wooden and bamboo toothbrushes are one item that is on the rise in our travel bags, with biodegradable makeup wipes and sustainably sourced towels and clothes.

Go naked

Not literally, don’t worry!

Naked cosmetics and packaging free travel essentials are a great hack for helping you on your way to being more eco-friendly on your travels, with an alternative out there for everything you may need on your time away. For camping or travelling, use solid toiletries without packaging, such as shampoo bars and deodorant blocks that can be stored in a metal or cork tin which can be reused over again. Many naked products are not only cutting down on waste, but also vegan and safe ingredients, helping to cut down on chemicals.

Avoid planes

It’s common knowledge that flights are bad for the environment by burning fossil fuels which contribute drastically to climate change. Minimise the environmental impact that travel has by getting to your holiday destination more environmentally friendly. Public transport such as buses and trains are much more eco-friendly for short-distance holidays, but for long haul trips, travel by ferry or ship, as they are much more effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while offering much more space than a plane!

Ditch the tourist traps

Delicious food can be found in hidden gems off the beaten track in your chosen destination. A quick Google of the region will show an array of local food markets, street cuisine and Indy shops to explore while supporting local residents throughout your trip. Exploring some of the undiscovered places that your holiday has to offer gives you more opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, by walking, cycling or taking local transport (from kayaks to trains, depending on your location!). There’s an array of towns to visit that are perfect for a peaceful trip, while also avoiding pollution and fumes that can often come from city life. For the opportunity to live like a local, the Lakes and the Cotswolds are just a few areas that have more character and local history than many larger cities can offer for a fully immersive holiday.

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