Travelling To France: 9 Luxury Experiences You Should Try To Make The Most Of It

If you are looking to explore new luxury experiences in France, take a look at our ideas below for more information.
If you are looking to explore new luxury experiences in France, take a look at our ideas below for more information.

Travelling to new places allows you to try new experiences and learn new things about the world. France is one of the most popular destinations, that many travellers love to visit each year for a variety of reasons, whether they just want to relax or get involved in a new adventure. If you are looking to explore new luxury experiences in France, take a look at our ideas below for more information. These suggestions will provide you with new ways to discover France and enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer in terms of art, culture, and cuisine.

Visiting Paris

You may want to start by visiting Paris, where you can find a wide range of luxury experiences, no matter what you are interested in. For example, it can be a fun idea to book a cooking class and learn more about French cuisine. Also, you can book a private tour of the Louvre museum or dine on your private boat on the River Seine. From a long list of Michelin-starred restaurants to some amazing works of art, you can find everything you need for a great holiday in Paris. Be sure to book your trip as early as you can so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

Planning A Ski Holiday

If you enjoy skiing, you may want to travel to a ski resort, such as Megève, where you can take advantage of luxury chalet rental services. For example, you can find out more about Fée Pour Vous Luxury Properties. They offer a wide range of luxury chalets, along with high-quality concierge services and house staff, who will be on hand to assist you with any requests. In addition, you can also get access to luxury car hire, in-house ski equipment, massage and beauty treatments, ski lessons, and many other services, which will make your ski holiday even more amazing.

Booking A Helicopter Tour

Don’t miss out on visiting the hub of the famous wine-growing region, Bordeaux and discovering the exceptional quality of Bordeaux wine. However, if you want to enjoy your time to the fullest, be sure to book a helicopter tour, which can provide you with stunning views of the vineyards. Remember to get your camera ready, as you will be able to take some spectacular shots from above. Once you get off the helicopter, you can enjoy a nice lunch in the private parklands of St-Emillion, which will undoubtedly be a memorable experience.

Wine Tasting

There is no way you can visit France without getting involved in wine tasting. This can also be a fantastic way to accompany your new-found love for French cuisine. If you are travelling to the South of France, you are in for a treat, as this region is home to some of the world’s best vineyards. Make sure you look for tasting experiences and wine tours available at the Bordeaux winery. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a tailored selection of some of the rarer bottles in their cellar. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Truffle Hunting

One of the best things about extravagant eating in France is that you can go truffle hunting, as truffles have a long and exciting story. You can also enjoy truffles in a variety of dishes and it’s important to know that they grow mostly in the regions of Burgundy, Dordogne, and Provence. This means that you will have the chance to book a truffle hunt in Provence, which can be a lot of fun. Moreover, you will get to have a delicious meal afterwards. As you will be joined by truffle hunters, you will also get to learn some incredible stories and facts from them.

Going On A Jet Ski Ride

Going on a breath-taking jet ski ride can be the perfect opportunity to try something different and have a great time, especially if you are an adrenaline lover. In life, there are a few unique experiences some will be fortunate enough to try and this is one of them. Above all, it will have you waiting to return as soon as you possibly can. If you want to discover the cliffs around Marseille and get your heart beating a bit faster, consider booking a jet ski ride in the popular ‘Calanques de Marseille’. This area is full of creeks and beaches, so you will enjoy some amazing views.

Horseback Riding

Another great way to enjoy the fresh air and a feeling of freedom would be to try horseback riding in Brittany. Connecting with a beautiful animal is, of course, an incredible opportunity to have. It also creates an opportunity to learn new skills, an added bonus to this once-in-a-lifetime moment. If you are a beginner, you can book some lessons with an instructor to gain more confidence and make the most of this adventure. You will also be accompanied by an instructor throughout your ride to ensure safety.

Star Gazing

Star gazing can provide you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge and enjoy breath-taking panoramas that you won’t see anywhere else. The best part is that there are plenty of Dark Sky Reserves that you will be able to explore in France. For instance, Alpes Azur Mercantour Dark Sky Reserve is home to some amazing nocturnal creatures, such as wolves, bats, and moths. For a spectacular voyage, you can take the Pic du Midi cable car over the Pyrenees mountains.

Vintage Road Trips

Lastly, it’s unlikely that you will say no to travelling in style, so it can be a good idea to get behind the wheels of a French vintage car. This exciting luxury experience is ideal for vintage car enthusiasts, who would like to explore France in a unique way. For example, you can enjoy a ride in the heart of Burgundy’s vineyards, where you will have to navigate a number of twists and turns. However, you will also witness some of the most beautiful sights and views, as well as charming country roads and villages.

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