9 Trip Ideas for a Memorable Stag Party

we’ve listed the nine most memorable stag party ideas below and if the one you’re after isn’t on this list, you might just feel inspired anyway.
we’ve listed the nine most memorable stag party ideas below and if the one you’re after isn’t on this list, you might just feel inspired anyway.

There’s no bigger honour to be bestowed on a friend than the grand task of organizing a stag do. But now you’ve got this monumental task ahead, you might find that your brain’s taken a holiday.

In our books, the key to the best stag do is keeping it simple. Find an activity that reflects your groom’s personality but will still keep all your guests happy.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed the nine most memorable stag party ideas below and if the one you’re after isn’t on this list, you might just feel inspired anyway.

  1. Make a Weekend of it

Who says a stag party has to stop after one night? Take the groom for an unforgettable weekend away with his closest friends. The best destinations are packed with activities and entertainment, like Las Vegas or London, or take it cheaper and European with a trip to the clubs and culture of Prague. If you and your friends aren’t about big cities, consider a more relaxing retreat – a cabin in the woods, a mountain lodge or if the season’s right, a sunny beach.

  1. Head into the Wild

A stag party is a great time to cater to the groom’s adventurous nature. If it’s not enough just to relax for the weekend, wild camping is perfect for creating memories you’ll never forget. Hike out into the wilderness and find a place to pitch your tent away from it all or rent a yurt or cabin for some glamping. Throw in some adventure activities, like white-water rafting, rock climbing, kayaking or fishing, and you’ll have the perfect stag party for the outdoorsy groom.

This has the added benefit of keeping things healthier too.

  1. Match Day

If your groom loves his sports, there’s no better choice than a headline match fixture. Whether it’s football, rugby, F1 or boxing, find a big event to see your groom’s favourite team. Package companies that put together stadium tours and hospitality are a great bet or better yet, plan an afterparty to keep riding out the thrill of the day.

  1. Pub Crawl

A pub crawl is a timeless classic for a reason. Put together a route around all your favourite local watering holes and let the evening carry itself. For a bigger laugh and some priceless photos, make it a themed night – the groom’s definitely not going to forget tossing back his beer dressed as a Smurf!

  1. Casino Night

Put on the black tie and grab your lucky charm – why not take the stag party to the casino? Have a quick search for the best casino online, somewhere you and your friends can try your luck at all sorts of high-stakes games – think roulette, poker, slots. Even if you’re not a winner, all the fun is in the game and it’s sure to make an unforgettable night.

  1. Luxury Spa Day

Wedding planning is a stressful time for everyone, so take your stag party to kick back and treat the groom to a little relaxation. Pack your bags and head out for a day of pampering at a luxury spa. Find one that offers hospitality alongside foot rubs and face masks and you and your friends can relax in steaming water with a glass of the finest wine.

  1. Extreme Sports

If a weekend out in the wild isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, why not take the party for some real adrenaline-packed activities? Choose from skydiving, zero-gravity experiences, helicopter rides and scuba diving – none of you will ever forget a thrill-packed day of falling out of the sky or exploring the bottom of the sea.

  1. Road Trip

If you and your friends like something a little more adventurous, pack up and take a road trip around the country. Plan some iconic sightseeing and gorgeous hotels with an itinerary or keep things a little looser and see where you end up. Either way, with scenic views and great company, this is a stag party that’s sure to bring you all closer together.

  1. Paintballing

None of your friends are going to complain about the chance to take a shot at each other. Book a day out at a paintballing range and channel all that pent-up energy into a wild time. And it wouldn’t be a stag party if the groom wasn’t the centre of attention – try running the game bodyguard style where one team protects him and the other tries to take him out.

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