How To Come Back Unscathed from A UK Road Trip with Your Closest Friends

Equipped with a banging playlist, great snacks, and even better company, a road trip is an excellent way to create new memories and spend time with the people you love
Equipped with a banging playlist, great snacks, and even better company, a road trip is an excellent way to create new memories and spend time with the people you love

One of the only benefits to have resulted from the past hellish few years is that more and more UK residents are coming around to the idea of a great British road trip than travelling internationally, as proven by Brits taking an average of eight road trips yearly.

Equipped with a banging playlist, great snacks, and even better company, a road trip is an excellent way to create new memories and spend time with the people you love; however, when your travelling companions are a group of your best friends, you might be worried that being in close quarters with them for an extended time might cause friction.

From unexpected delays to playful banter turned sour, many things can lead to arguments when going on a road trip with your closest companions, so you might wonder how you can come back from the trip unscathed. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent your road trip from turning into a remake of ‘Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas‘ or, even worse, ‘Thelma and Louise,’ some of which we outline in our article below. From sharing the driving and planning some downtime, continue reading to discover how you and your close friends can return from your time together unscathed.

Schedule Some Downtime

When you book a holiday with your friends, you feel obligated to spend the entire time with them, yet sometimes it’s better for all of you (and your friendship!) if you have a break from each other from time to time.

Being in close quarters to anyone – even your closest friends – can start to grate on you over time, and soon enough, you’ll find that the things you once loved about them are becoming the bane of your life.

It might have been funny to record them talking in their sleep when you were back home and could get away from them. But, now that you’re lumped with them for the weekend, smothering them with a pillow might sound more appealing than listening to their sleep talk.

As a result, you might start feeling agitated, and the conversations between you all might become a little strained, which is when scheduling some solo time for yourself is recommended so that nothing escalates!

Whether you go for a solo walk, listen to a podcast with your headphones, read in a secluded corner of your Airbnb, or find a café to have a quiet coffee in, scheduling some downtime for yourself is necessary for giving yourself time to reset and then rejoin your friends when you’re ready.

Leave The Cigarettes At Home

One of the best things you can do while on a road trip with your closest friends is to remain respectful towards each other’s personal space, especially when you’re packed like sardines in the back of your friend’s Volkswagen Polo.

We understand that this can be difficult to exercise at all points of the trip, especially when needing the inevitable smoke break. However, there are ways to chase that nicotine rush without stepping on your friend’s toes or pulling into a service station every few miles.

If you want to avoid blowing second-hand smoke into your friend’s faces or stinking up the car with the smell of your cigarette smoke, you could consider leaving the cigarettes at home and switching to a vape pen for the duration of the road trip.

Vape pens, like Elf Bars, are a much more considerable way to smoke when around friends since they don’t produce foul-smelling smoke, they don’t create any waste like traditional cigarettes, and they can be used inside (depending on the premises rules).

Consider purchasing a vape pen starter kit from stores like Grey Haze, which retails everything you need to start your vaping journey. Visit their website to learn more today and see how their products could prevent disputes over your second-hand cigarette smoke.

Don’t Nominate A Sole Driver

Another way to ensure that you return from your road trip unscathed is by sharing the responsibility of driving instead of just nominating a solo designated driver. Especially if you’re travelling long-distance for your trip away with friends, driving for a long time can make you feel tired, which can soon turn into irritability if left untreated for too long.

Due to this, it is best to share the load between all of you so that the responsibility isn’t resting on just one person, as this can cause tension between the driver and the other passengers. However, if not everyone in your party can drive, ensure that you allow for plenty of rest stops along the way so that the designated driver gets regular breaks or offer to help them with other tasks like navigation, running into shops etc.

Expect A Few Disagreements

No matter how rigid you may have been while planning your road trip, everything will always happen differently than you planned. Whether you end up taking a wrong turn and end up making a half an hour detour or one of your group forgets something at the last service station, so you have to double back – hundreds of things can go wrong on a road trip that might result in disagreements.

Due to this, it’s better to expect a few disagreements rather than think everyone will get along just fine. So, if any arguments do occur, you’re more prepared to resolve them and prevent them from becoming more of a problem than they are.

When you feel anger rising, try to remove yourself from the situation (or the affected person) and practice calming techniques to reduce the tension until you or your friend think more rationally. Whether you plug in a pair of headphones and listen to music until you feel calmer or go for a brisk walk, there are many techniques you can use to diffuse the situation.

After you’ve calmed yourself (or your friend down) and you all feel ready to talk it out, you could then attempt to talk about what went wrong, come up with a resolution, and get back to enjoying your time together.

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