ReInvent & Refresh with a New Wardrobe

ReInvent & Refresh with a New Wardrobe

Many women do not know exactly what suits them and will become stuck in a rut. Seeking professional help and asking for advice on how to dress is not over indulgent, it is practical, time saving and in the long run prevents a lot of expensive mistakes. I don’t cut my own hair or resolve my own legal issues, I ask for help and this is simply what my clients do. Pay a professional to do a job they can’t, writes stylist Cleo Lacey.

Finding a style that is right for you will not only boost your confidence and self-esteem but will also make you look younger, slimmer, happier and more successful. Clothes often say more about how old we are than any number of wrinkles or bad hair styles. If this is the year in which you want to feel more attractive and turn back the clock then help with your wardrobe is what you need!

I always advise my clients to set aside half a day, twice a year, at the start of a new season to review and add to their wardrobe. I can guarantee from experience, that time spent doing this will be a worthwhile investment and pay dividends when later trying to decide what to wear on any given day. How many of you ladies have clothes in your wardrobe that you have never worn before, possibly still with the label on? Or how many of you wear the same outfit over and over again? This is completely normal so please don’t worry girls, people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. It is so true what they say, out of sight, out of mind.

One of the first things that I will do with my clients is a wardrobe consultation, and with these tips, you can try it yourself. This is where it all begins! You don’t necessarily need to go on a shopping spree to reinvent your wardrobe, and I don’t believe in wasting money on a load of new clothes. It’s about knowing what you’ve already got before knowing what you need!

I’m going to share with you my three easy steps to achieving your perfect wardrobe:


Look at the garments that are currently in your wardrobe and separate them into different types of clothing, season and lifestyle. Assess each individual garment whether it be classic, stylish, tired, in need of repair, laundering or alteration. Make sure every item fits you well, you may rediscover items that you have never have worn before or even knew existed!


This can be the painful part, getting rid of those items that no longer fit, and are tired or dated. These items can be given to charity shops, your friends or just simply thrown away! This is where my ruthlessness and honesty comes into play!



Once you have organised your wardrobe try to mix and match items to create various different outfits for different concerns. If you struggle to do this it may mean that you need to update your wardrobe slightly, simply by buying items that complete whole outfits. Try adding accessories to create different looks or by attaining alterations and laundering. Key missing items in your wardrobe are the main reason we struggle to get dressed even though we have a wardrobe full of clothes. Try and identify what these are, write them down and that is your shopping list.

You could always try and photograph the outfits you put together so you have a record of how they go together and to what occasion they would be suitable for. You will also identify what is missing from your wardrobe, like an amazing pair of jeans, a fantastic little leather jacket or a pair of shoes that work with everything. Make a shopping list and stick to it, otherwise you will end up buying items very similar to what is already in your wardrobe! How many of you have left your bedroom with clothes all over the bed and it looks like you have had burglars? This doesn’t happen to my clients anymore because they know exactly what they have got, how it goes together and they know that they look and feel fabulous in all of their clothes!

If you wish to present yourself in a new way, for a new year, you need a well-managed wardrobe. A change in career, weight, marital status, health or just plain old perspective has made you realise that now is the time to invest in yourself, after all looking good makes you feel good!

Remember we all need help because looking good doesn’t just happen, and it’s the stylish ones that ask for it! You know where to find me… Your Fairy Clothes Mother xx

Working as a Buyer and Image Consultant for high street fashion chains as well as high end designers, including Amanda Wakeley, Cleo now runs her own personal styling and shopping service, helping real men and women to take control of their wardrobe.
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