From Fear to Finish Line: Stride&Glory Empowers Beginners to Conquer Marathons

Stride&Glory Empowers Beginners to Conquer Marathons

Stride&Glory, a trailblazing marathon coaching business, is making waves as the go-to source for transforming running novices into marathon champions.


Founded by Carl Wakeford, Stride&Glory has earned multiple awards for its innovative approach to marathon training.

In a world where the idea of running a marathon can be daunting, Stride&Glory takes aspiring runners on an empowering journey from fear to the finish line. With a proven track record of success, the coaching program caters specifically to beginners, providing a supportive and transformative experience.

Our mission at Stride&Glory is to shatter the limits of what individuals believe they can achieve,” says Wakeford, founder and marathon enthusiast.

We understand the fears that accompany the idea of running a marathon for the first time, and we’re here to guide participants every step of the way.”

The program combines expert coaching, personalised training plans, and a supportive community to create an environment where participants not only conquer their fears but also exceed their own expectations. Stride&Glory has witnessed countless success stories of individuals who never imagined they could complete a marathon crossing the finish line with newfound confidence and pride.

Holistic approach

What sets Stride&Glory apart is its holistic approach to training, addressing not only the physical aspects but also the mental and emotional challenges that marathon runners face. The coaching team, comprised of seasoned marathoners with corporate and elite military experience, ensures that each participant receives attention and motivation tailored to their unique journey.

Running a marathon is not just about crossing a finish line; it’s a metaphor for overcoming life’s challenges. It’s about resilience, determination, and the belief that anything is possible,” adds Wakeford.

Stride&Glory’s success has not gone unnoticed, with multiple awards recognising its commitment to excellence in coaching and transforming lives.

As the coaching business continues to expand its reach, the impact on the lives of individuals transitioning from fear to the finish line is undeniable.

For more information about Stride&Glory and their transformative marathon coaching program, please visit or contact [email protected]

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