Life-affirming show taking on a bold experiment in eco theatre-making.

Play for the Living at a Time of Extinction is heading to Belgrade Theatre from 10-13 May.

Katie Mitchell and Headlong’s innovative touring model, the first of its kind in the UK, presents a play tour, while the people and materials do not. The Belgrade Theatre will create a blueprint of the show that is uniquely brought to life by their own team, in a daring zero-travel tour. The team will use pedalling stationary bikes constantly to generate a sustained amount of electricity for the show’s performance.

Play For the Living was first performed in Switzerland two years ago, ahead of other venues around the continent before its arrival in the UK. It will form new conversations on how the industry can discover new ways to lower its impact on the environment.

It’s A Sin star Lydia West leads the one-woman play about climate change. Her character Naomi is part of a theatre company who have made a play especially for you, those living through extinction, but the actors haven’t shown up yet. In the meantime, Naomi has a plan.

Miranda Rose Hall‘s darkly funny, life-affirming show takes us on a journey confronting the urgent ecological disaster unfolding around us. Part ritual, part battle cry, and powered entirely by bicycles, this fiercely feminist off-grid production is a moving exploration of what it means to be human in an era of man-made extinction.

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