The Most Popular Times To Propose Throughout The Year

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If you’re thinking about planning a proposal, you’ll probably be wondering when the best time to do it is. In today’s busy world, there are plenty of things which can get in the way of life, from work stress to family life and these don’t make for a very romantic setting for one of life’s biggest milestones.

If you’ve ever noticed several of your colleagues have got engaged during the Christmas period, or a sudden skyrocket in the number of “She said yes!” posts on Instagram on the 14th February, there’s a reason. Certain times of the year are especially popular for engagements, particularly those more romantic seasons.

Here, we explore the most popular times to propose.

The festive period

Event Management specialists Chilli Sauce published their Marriage Proposal Survey in January 2022, which explored the most popular times of year and days for proposals and why they are the preferred choices.

The most popular time of year for proposals is Christmas, with more couples getting engaged between 24th December and 1st January than any other time of year. Christmas is arguably the most magical and romantic time of year, so naturally it feels like the perfect time to pop the question.

Valentine’s Day

Despite the Christmas period taking the lead as the most popular time of year for proposals, the most popular day overall was Valentine’s Day, which received 36% of votes during the survey. Of those votes, 40% were from men, so if you’re eagerly awaiting a proposal, 14th February might be the day it happens!

When asked why Valentine’s Day was the day so many chose to pop the question, the response with the most votes was, “Valentine’s Day is romantic”. The second most popular reasons were “Being in love” and “It’s traditional”.   

Here, we outline some things to consider when preparing for a proposal on these popular days.

Buy the engagement ring

If you opt for a Christmas proposal, money may be a little tight, especially if you’ve bought a lot of gifts or need to feed the family. However, there are plenty of cheap diamond engagement rings on the market, so there’s no need to panic. You could even opt for a vintage ring from an independent seller, so it’s worth having a browse of Etsy if you’re a bit strapped for cash.

Consider the location  

Once you’ve chosen the perfect engagement ring, your next step should be deciding where and how to pop the question. If your partner enjoys having all eyes on them, consider inviting some friends or family who can share the special moment with you both. Of course, not everyone wants an audience, so if your beloved would prefer a more intimate affair, a walk or a romantic dinner is a great choice.

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